Dear Sabrina Fulton…forgiveness is indeed Divine (AnOpen Letter)

My dear Sister; I have imagined your pain over and over again as I watched my 6 foot 2 young black man walk out the door each morning to go catch his bus to school. I have thought about you when I have gotten too loud with him, or said something I could have said a different way. 

The other morning on a news show, something you said was taken out of context. Even by myself at first. But as I watched my boy walk out the door again this morning it occurred to me; YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO FORGIVE! 

So many in our community have said how they wouldn’t be able to call anything that happened to Trayvon an accident. I didn’t care so much about the words you spoke as the intent and context that you meant them in. I figured out the deeper meaning to what you said, Sister. And I realized just how strong and inspiring of a woman you truly are. And how much the community needs to understand that and fully comprehend your message of faith and forgiveness.

That’s what people who love God are Taught. FORGIVENESS. What people have forgotten in all of this is that you are STILL a mother to another child. A child who needs you now more than ever in his life. All your love, all your strength, your wholeness as a mother. You don’t have time to go around hating George Zimmerman. That takes entirely too much energy.You have much more important people like Jahvaris to give that energy to. 

You have made me take a long look at myself as a whole woman. I too don’t know if I’d be able to be as forgiving and compassionate for Mr. Zimmerman’s family has you have been. I respect you ENORMOUSLY for having that depth of strength. Everyone else should too! 

Much Love To you Sista!

Jaime Johnson


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