Dear Conservatives, GOP, Tea Party, and Bigoted White People

I think there needs to be clarification on why all of these issues with Trayvon Martin has us all riled up. You all seem to be under the misconsumption that black news media are ALL trying to get their shine and can’t be genuinely THIS upset about a child they didn’t even know…

Well, that’s where you got it wrong first of all. Because we ALL know Trayvon. My own son is similar to stature, build, and height; with the same baby face. 

Secondly, this shooting is a reminder to us of painful, agonizing moments from our pasts in dealing with White America. I have relatives that can recount their kin being strung up from trees for petty offenses. Something so small as looking in the direction of a white woman. Those lynchings were hardly ever prosecuted. So for years, white people got away with the cold blooded murder of a lot of our people. This case reeks of that same disrespect for Black People that we’ve had to endure far too long. It would stand to reason that this generation; my generation and the children that we’ve birthed, is tired of living through this nonsense when our parents and grandparents fought these battles for us. We are tired of having to teach our boys different rules of survival; we are tired of having to second guess wardrobe purchases to have our boys look less intimidating to you. Especially when your children have the same damn clothes. We are tired and angry.

Most of all, we are angry with the fact that Trayvon’s case has been totally effed up and mismanaged from the very beginning of it. The media’s attention or your lack there of would not have had any affect on that. That is what you need to understand first and foremost. But the attention is there, and maybe its time that you listen to the people. The Republican Party my Grandparents knew was nothing like what you all have become. We are screaming because we have to get someone’s attention. Cases like Trayvon’s happen far too often for this to be some type of isolated incident. I’d be here all day posting examples. I could name a few just in my State of Texas off the top of my head. Texas also has a “Stand Your Ground” law by the way.

What happened to Trayvon is much bigger than just a White/Peruvian man shooting a teenaged black boy. It’s about more than the Left Wing Media’s outrage of the murder of said black boy. Even though I feel they are rightly outrage.

This is about parents like myself who want to allow their 6 foot 2, 146 pound, teenaged black boy put on his Jordan’s, his Nike hoodie if it’s cold, and hike it to the store for his little sister without him getting shot in a suburban neighborhood that I purposefully moved to thinking it was safe to do so. Then having his dead body lay in a morgue for three days, unidentified, while he’s drug tested and background checked. Meanwhile, the person that shot him remains free without so much as a damn fingerprinting, processing and release. All the while; the knowledge remains, if this had been the other way around; due diligence would have followed. This is why we mad!


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