The Rebel Flag, The Revolutionary War and the Fight to End Slavery

If you live in the South, the above image is not foreign to you. Most times, if you are anything like me, you cringe every time that you see it. See, that reaction happens to most black folks. The Flag itself holds so much history of a time where the White People of the South fought for the right to own us like Cattle. They actually believed that this was okay. After all we were just savage Africans, right? Yea…No.

So anyway, what prompted this thought process within myself was a conversation I had on the wall of one of my FB friends. I try to keep myself with a few of these type people. Even if I don’t agree with everything they say. At least they have an informed stance on something. Even if I think their information is incorrect as hell, I still am open to other thought processes. I’m rather enjoying the things that I’ve always believed being challenged by the way things REALLY are.  We don’t have to agree. But it does inspire a lot of debate, open dialogue and critical thinking. Something we could all stand to do a little more of. In recent years, I have come to try to understand the Rebel Flag as a source of Southern Pride for white folks. I wanted to figure out it’s origins, and why it could even be considered a Symbol of Pride to them when it is such a Symbol of Racism and Hatred for us. I want to understand. Then maybe, I won’t cringe so much every time I see one from now on. In addition, I thought the research I would come across would aide in the writing of my story. My characters are very old, they would’ve had some type of knowledge of the Civil War right? It could only help.

I guess what I want for all black folks to do, and white folks alike; instead of condemn the people that are Pro Rebel Flag amid the controversy,  try to understand. I think at least trying to understand makes more sense than getting a little miffed every time you see a Rebel Flag. After all, the flag flew over the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. For a moment in time the south ran itself separate of the damn Yankee’s.  Just like the Haitian Revolution is a source of pride to me where the African’s Revolted against the French, why wouldn’t the flag of the Confederate States be a source of pride for them? Jean-Jacques Dessalines tore out the white of the French Flag to create the Haitian flag. There are states in the south as we speak that have flags that are based of the Confederate States Flag. Try to understand my people…try to understand at least before you condemn. A lesson I’ve learned recently so I am not judging at all. 





One thought on “The Rebel Flag, The Revolutionary War and the Fight to End Slavery

  1. Shae (Pink Kizzez) says:

    I can really appreciate the fact that you decided to try and do your research on this and have such an open mind as to see what positives could tie up to the confederate flag rather than look at it only as a negative not fully knowing the history and meaning behind it.

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