My Reasons

As some people know, the last two months I have been totally enthralled in the writing of a novel. I’ve written since I was a child. When I started this one, it was like the other things I had written. I was doing it because writing was always something therapeutic for me. A way from me to go to a place other than the the one that I was in. Living vicariously through the characters I wrote about. I never let anybody read anything I’ve written. Most of it was musings of my mind. 

Growing up African American, my writing pursuits have always been just a hobby. Everything I wrote I about I was sure would draw criticism from even the people in my family. What I have found about most black folks; we are some judgmental ass people. We don’t understand something, we are quick to label it nonsense. I don’t share with people for these reasons. Don’t tell me I can’t do something because it doesn’t make sense to you. You get tired of hearing things like, stop living in a fantasy world, what you are writing ain’t gon be published. That is not why I write. It never has been.

Being an author used to be a lucrative pursuit. But there can only be so many Harry Potters. JK Rowling’s story inspires me, and we are a lot alike in a lot of ways. But I don’t think that anything that I write will ever be on a Harry Potter level. But she didn’t start Harry Potter with the intent on it becoming what it did either. She was a writer at heart. Like I am. 

This blog will be used to journal my experiences as I’m on the home stretch to completion of this book. It has evolved and taken on a new life to me. It is my baby. I’ve had to rename it because it has expanded and become something that I didn’t start out with. That’s okay. I know I have a new respect for Authors. The research and the pain and frustration and love that goes into what you write is what makes you sensitive about what you write.

Maybe what I am writing is only good to me. I’ll be cool with that if that is the case.What I have learned about myself and the world around me while writing is worth more to me than anything. I cannot aptly describe the mental changes I’ve gone through. Some things that mattered to me don’t anymore, and a lot of things that should have mattered do. One of the most important changes to my psyche have been the expansion of my tolerance and ability to place myself in the shoes of another. I’m asking questions about things I’ve been taught to believe, and accepting differences in everyone. Talking to people from other cultures I wouldn’t usually talk to trying to make my characters as authentic as possible.

A running theme in the book I’m writing has become Awareness. Awareness of self being the secret to unlocking gifts unknown. It applies to my supernaturally gifted characters and it applies to mortal beings too. I get it.



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